Water Meter

Water Meter / Leak

Leaving a House Vacant Over the Winter?
If you are going away or leaving a house vacant over for the winter months, remember if you turn off the heat in the house you need to drain your water meter so that it does not freeze and break.   This is an easy way to prevent a costly repair.  For more information on this,  please call the Water Dept. Office at 515-448-4343

Water Meters
Water Meter Valves are the responsibility of the homeowner. If you need the water to your property turned off, please call City Hall.

Water Meter Change Out
The City of Eagle Grove has been replacing meters starting in 2020 and over the next few years. Some homeowners will receive a letter stating that we will be changing out your meter. The water meter is usually located in the basement utility room. Replacement of the water meter takes approximately 20 minutes and is at no cost to the homeowner. During the installation of the new water meter, it will be necessary to shut off the water inside your home.

Please clear an area around the water meter, ensure the valves on each side of the meter are operational so our staff can work efficiently. If the valve does not operate properly, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to have the valve replaced.

All City Employees will travel in a marked city vehicle.

No Water Flow
If you are experiencing no water flow to your home or business, start by checking the inside and outside faucets. This will help determine if there is no water to just the inside of the property or to the entire property. 

If your property is not receiving any water, please check to see if the valves before and after the water meter are on (turn handles counter clockwise). If you have done this and there is still no water, please call City Hall.

The city may have the water shut-off for maintenance.

Water Main Break

Water main breaks can be reported by calling City Hall

The city will investigate the problem and determine if there is a leak in either the public or private service line to the building. If there is a leak in the private service line, the City will notify the property owner to correct the problem. If the leak is in the city service line, the city will have it repaired. 

Low Water Pressure
Are you experiencing continuous low water pressure to your home or business?

  • Check out the website and/or Facebook page for any alerts regarding water main maintenance occurring in your area. (example: flushing hydrants)
  • Check to make sure both valves, before and after your water meter, are completely open. 
  • Check an outside faucet. If the pressure is good there, the problem is within the house. It could be the water softener or a stopped water meter. 

If you are unable to determine the cause, please call City Hall.

Water Leak:
The Water Utility Crew stands ready 24/7 to respond to water leaks. If there is a pool of water in the street or berm, please call:

  • During Business Hours: 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. - Distribution Service Center: 515-448-3464 (NOT PAYMENT)
  • After 4:30 p.m., Weekends and Holidays 515-851-9349
  • or EG Police Department: (515) 448-4793