Street Department

The Street Department’s responsibilities can be compared to the utility position in the game of baseball.  In other words, the Department completes a wide array of tasks within all aspects of the City.

Below are some of the functions of the Street Department;

  • Street sweeping
  • Parking lines painting
  • Mowing right of ways, abandon property, and other city owned property
  • Snow removal
  • Signage repairs, updates and additions
  • Surface maintenance of streets and alleys
  • Assist the Water Department with water main breaks and other maintenance issues.
  • Maintain the sanitary and storm sewer collection systems.
  • Maintenance needs at the Eagle Grove Airport and a portion of the building maintenance needs for all City buildings. The brush dump and compost areas are their responsibility as well.

The Street Department has a dedicated group of employees that are available to respond 24 hours a day, for sewer back ups, snow removal needs and water main breaks as they arise.

The Eagle Grove Street Department has 4 full time employees, 2 part time employees and 1 seasonal employee.