Rental Property Inspection Program

In accordance with:

Ordinance 2017-08: Summary
Chapter 148 Rental Inspection Regulatory and Inspection Program

The purpose of this chapter is to provide for the enforcement of minimum quality standards for all residential rental dwellings, rental dwelling units, rooming houses and rooming units; to establish a program of regular rental inspections; and to protect the health, safety and general welfare of the residents of the City under the provisions of Chapter 157 of the Code of Ordinances. It is not the intent of this chapter to protect the individual, but rather to protect the public as a whole.

Ordinance 2017-09: Summary
Chapter 157 Property Maintenance Code

Structures and Land shall be maintained in a clean, safe, secure and sanitary condition as provided herein so as not to constitute a violation of any other applicable chapter of the Eagle Grove Code of Ordinances adversely affecting the public health or safety.

Chapter sections include: Definitions, Exterior Property Areas, Exterior Structures, Interior Structures and Property Areas, Handrails and Guardrails, Accumulation of Rubbish, Garbage and Yard Waste, Extermination, Light and Ventilation, Plumbing Facilities and Fixture Requirements, Mechanical and Electrical Requirements, Fire Safety Requirements, Carbon Monoxide Detectors Required, Notice to Abate.

Chapter 148 Ordinance Adopting Rental Housing Code
Chapter 157 Property Maintenance Code
2017-41 Resolution rental fees
Chapter 148-09 Responsibilities of Operators: means any person who has charge, care or control of a building, or any part thereof, in which any dwelling units or rooming units are let, either as owner or agent of the owner.
Chapter 148-10 Responsibilities of Occupants: means any person, including an owner or operator, living, sleeping or cooking in, or having actual possession of a dwelling, dwelling unit or rooming unit.