Rental Property Inspection Program

Pursuant to the City of Eagle Grove Code of Ordinances, all rental-housing owners must provide listing of their property addresses and the number of units.

Registration is due each year by May 31.  Late registrations are subject to double fees.  Failure to register may result in a municipal infraction, which can lead to a court-ordered daily fine until the property is in compliance. If you have sold a property or are in contract to sell a property please send an amended form so our records can be updated and corrected. Fees below cover both registration and inspection costs. Please specify any Section 8 properties and be aware that a lesser fee schedule applies for those properties

Fees Adopted by the City of Eagle Grove City Council:

  • $35 for the first unit of each building, $5 for each additional unit in the same building.
  • Re-inspection for units not in compliance on the second re-inspection shall be $50. This applies to each subsequent re-inspection. This fee also applies to re-scheduling of appointments due to no show on the part of the owner/manager.
  • Newly constructed rental housing or ownership transfers must be registered within 30 calendar days of readiness for occupancy or transfer. No additional fee applies to currently registered properties changing ownership.
  • Section 8 properties are not subject to City inspection, but must register, and annually provide the HUD inspection report along with $5 per unit filing fee.

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