Garbage/Recycling Info

Items Accepted in the Recycling Containers
  • Paper Products. Newsprint, magazines, junk mail, shiny inserts, white, colored & computer paper, paper egg cartons & paperback books.
  • Glass. Clear, brown or green containers only. Rinse out & remove lids; labels do not need to be removed.
  • Plastics. Number 1 & 2 plastics only. Rinsed out & lids removed; labels do not need to be removed. No oil containers.
  • Metal Cans. Rinse out & remove lids; labels do not need to be removed; cans do not need to be flattened.
  • Aluminum. Foil, pie plates, etc.; need to be cleaned.
  • Corrugated Cardboard. Clean with no wax coating. Includes cereal boxes, brown paper sacks & 12-pack containers. Clean pizza boxes only.
  • Wax cardboard is not accepted
  • Note: If garbage is mixed in with the recyclable items; it will be left at the curb.

How early can you put your garbage out?

Though most people think of “Trash Day” as the day of the week on which their garbage is collected, many of us place our refuse on the curb the night before. But how early is too early to put out the trash?

Well, lets first go over what the City allows, according to City Code, garbage shall not be stored outside for more than 48 hours.

Trash Pick up is early so please have yours set out by 7am on your pick-up date.


Here are some garbage facts:

  • You are allowed 2 bags per week
  • Your bags can not be bigger than 30-gallon bags
  • Orange bags are available for sale at Fareway for extra garbage
  • Burning of garbage is prohibited.

Trash Day is determined by the part of town

  • SW – Monday
  • NW – Tuesday
  • NE – Thursday
  • SE – Friday

Pick up will be a day behind for the following:

  • New Year's Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day