Emergency Medical Services

The Eagle Grove Emergency Medical Services is a City owned volunteer ambulance service that provides Basic and Advanced care to the cities of Eagle Grove, Goldfield, Woolstock, and the surrounding rural areas.

The EMS Department is made up of approximately 15 volunteers, including Paramedics, Advanced EMT's, EMT's, Emergency Medical Responders, and Drivers. During the day you can usually find one of the paid EMS Staff at the ambulance shed cleaning, filling paperwork, etc. If you are interested in becoming an EMS volunteer, Please Contact EMS Director 515-448-4686.

The EMS Department owns two ambulances, which are housed in the EMS garage across the street from City Hall. The vehicle fleet consists of a 2009 Life Line Ford F450 Super Duty and a 2004 Medtech Ford E 350 Super Duty. Both of which are Diesel.

The Department responds to over 3500 calls annually. In addition, the Service participates in the Wright County Fair, numerous community celebrations and various sporting events throughout the year. The department offers continuing education training on a monthly basis to all of the volunteers.