Rose Hill Cemetery

General Cemetery Operation
The following rules govern general operations of the cemetery:

  1. Persons within the cemetery shall at all times maintain a decorum of speech and action, including avoidance of loud talking or other noise within earshot of graveside ceremonies if not part of the group participating in the ceremonies, and workers shall suspend their work when near such ceremonies.
  2. No person shall drive any vehicle faster than 15 miles per hour or in a careless manner upon the cemetery roads.
  3. Persons shall walk only on roads and walkways or footpaths except when absolutely necessary for maintenance of gravesites, inspection of plots, installation of markers or decoration of graves.
  4. No person shall deface or otherwise damage any marker, headstone, monument, cemetery fence, or other cemetery structure.
  5. Public vehicular traffic within the cemetery shall be limited to the hours between sunrise and sunset and confined to designated roadways.
  6. No person, except an authorized city employee, shall cut, remove, or carry away any flowers, trees, shrubs, plants or vines from any lot that is not their own without permission from the sexton.  However, the owner, or family member, of a lot may remove and carry away any flowers, plants or vines that the owner, or family member, has placed upon said lot.  No person, other than the owner, or family member, of the lot or city employees in the performance of their duties, shall remove, carry away or destroy any vases, flower pots, urns or other objects which have been placed upon any lot without permission from the sexton.
  7. No person may consume or possess beer or liquor of any kind on the cemetery grounds.
  8. No person shall allow any dog or other animal belonging to said person or under his or her control to run at large in the city cemetery or any part thereof.
  9. All persons using the cemetery grounds shall deposit their rubbish and trash in the receptacles placed in the cemetery for that purpose.
  10. The operation of recreational motor vehicles upon cemetery lots and lands is not permitted.