Auditors Report

An Independent Audit Report for Financial Statements of the City of Eagle Grove government activities are conducted every year for the previous fiscal year by an outside, independent Certified Public Accountant firm contracted by the City.

The Certified Public Accountant submits findings to the Council at the beginning of each calendar year for council review, approval, and for public record.

Audit findings can be reviewed at City Hall at any time.  Please call City Hall at 515-448-4343 to schedule a visit.

AUDITOR_REPORT FY2017.pdf Audit placed on file 02/05/2018 (T.P. Anderson & Company, P.C.)
AUDITOR_REPORT FY2018.pdf Audit placed on file 01/07/2019 (T.P. Anderson & Company, P.C.)
AUDITOR_REPORT_FY2019.pdf Audit placed on file 12/16/2019 (T.P. Anderson & Company, P.C.
AUDITOR_REPORT_FY2020.pdf Audit placed on file 02/01/2021 (T.P. Anderson & Company, P.C.)
AUDITOR_REPORT_FY2021.pdf Audit placed on file 02/07/2022 (T.P. Anderson & Company, P.C.)