Family Aquatic Center

Aquatic Center Summer Passes:

  • Daily Pass: $3.00 per person
  • Single/Senior pass: $60.00
  • Family: $150.00
    • Family passes are for immediate family members living in the house.  Immediate family members are defined as spouses/parents and minor children, including adopted and foster children who are newly placed into the family. In-law parents are not included in the definition, even when those individuals live with the family.

Rules And Regulations of the Pool

  1. No one under the influence of a controlled substance may enter the water.  Use of alcohol/tobacco will not be permitted on premises.
  2. No one under 7 years old will be admitted unless supervised by a guardian at least 11years old.
  3. All swimmers 14 years old and younger must pass a deep water test to be in the deep end.
  4. For safety reasons all swimmers must be 48” to go down any slide.
  5. No running on the deck. No profanity allowed.  No diving in the shallow end & all areas marked.  “No Diving
  6. No horseplay in the water or on the deck.
  7. Proper swimwear required.   All swimmers must shower before entering the water. Swim suits must be clean.
  8. Users with open sores are encouraged not to swim
  9. Small toys will be allowed in the shallow area only.  Balls, Frisbee’s, and squirt guns are prohibited.
  10. Personal flotation devices, such as flotation rings & water wings, are permitted in the shallow area only. Air mattresses & inner tubes are not allowed except as allowed by special events
  11. Food and beverages, except bottled water, are Not allowed outside the concession area.
  12. The Eagle Grove Family Aquatic Center is not responsible for lost articles.
  13. The telephone is for business and emergencies only.
  14. All injuries must be reported to/recorded by an Aquatic Center Staff.
  15. Rules will be amended for the protection of health, safety, and pleasure of all patrons.
  16. Strollers are permitted. However, they must not block the pedestrian walkway.