Application for Utility Service

Moving into town?
Below you will find a copy of our Residential Utility application.

  • drop off at: 210 E. Broadway
  • or Email Us
  • or mail to: PO box 165, Eagle Grove, IA 50533

All properties require a meter deposit prior to services transfer to tenant’s name.  

Payment for fees is required prior to transfer to tenants name.

  • Meter deposit -$200.00 (with all required information)
  • Meter deposit -$250.00 (without all required information)
  • Garbage fee is currently $18.55
  • Reconnection of services due to nonpayment $85.60

Payment options:

  • Cash
  • Check


Meter Deposit FAQ's

Can my deposit be used to make payments on my account?
The City of Eagle Grove does not allow regular payments on account to be made with your deposit. However, The City of Eagle Grove uses your deposit to pay your final bill provided you are not moving to another rental property in Eagle Grove and will have utility services in your name.

What happens to my deposit?
Customers who move to a new rental unit in Eagle Grove will have the deposit transferred to their new account. They will need to provide payment for the final bill on their previous account.

What do I do when I move?
If you are moving out of your apartment or house, you must contact City Hall (448-4343) at least two (2) days in advance of the final date of service in order to get the utility services out of your name. You will also need to let us know your forwarding address. Only authorized people on the account can make changes to the account.