2017 Utility Board Agendas & Minutes

The Utility Board meets once a month. Special meetings are sometimes needed.

The Utility Board will meet the following days in 2017

Jan. 11th

Feb. 8th                     Special: 02/23/2017

March 8th                  Special: 03/16/2017

April 12th

May 10th

June 14th                  Special: 06/19/2017

July 12th

Aug. 9th                      Special: 08/17/2017

Sept. 13th                   Special: 09-14-2017

Oct. 11th                     Special 11-01-2017

Nov. 16th (Thursday)

Dec. 13th                     Special 12-20-2017

If you wish to address some issues or concerns with the Utility Board, Please contact City Hall 24-48 hours in advance of scheduled meeting to be included on Agenda.


PLEASE NOTE: There May or May not be Council Quorum during Utility Board Meetings.