Markers, Monuments and Decorations

  1. Definitions for use in this section the following terms are defined:
    1. "Monument" refers to the large family lot stones which do not identify any specific grave.
    2. "Marker" refers to a stone located at and identifying a specific grave, usually bearing the name, date of birth and date of death.
    3. "Headstone" refers to a grave "marker" placed at the head of the specific burial, and also usually bearing specific name and dates.
    4. "Footstone" refers to a grave "marker" placed at the foot of the specific burial, and also usually bearing specific name and dates. These must be at ground level.
  2. Rules. 
    The following rules apply to the erection of monuments and markers within the city cemetery.  The Council, by resolution, may adopt further regulations herewith in regard to markers.
    1. Monuments and grave markers of every description shall have suitable foundations adequate to prevent tipping or sinking.
    2. No monument, headstone or structure above ground shall be constructed of any material other than cutstone or real bronze, except military stone as recommended by the Veterans Administration, shall take the place of a headstone.  Field stone is allowed as a marker as long as it sits in a concrete base/footing that is compatible with the other markers.  No headstone or grave marker of a large or odd sized will be allowed without the sexton's permission.
    3. Only one monument will be permitted on a family burial lot and no monument will be allowed on a single grave section.
    4. All monuments and markers installed shall be bordered by a 5 inch wide concrete or granite rim which is flush with the surface and consistent with the contour of the land and extending no less than 8 inches into the ground. In addition to the 5 inch wide concrete mowing rim, each monument, marker or headstone which is over 12 inches in height shall have a concrete base extending 10 inches into the ground immediately below and which concrete base must have the same outside dimensions as the monument, marker or headstone.  Monument, marker or headstone under 12 inches in height, above    ground level, shall have a minimum 5 inch concrete mowing rim and foundation both of which shall extend not less than 8 inches into the ground immediately below.
    5. Only one monument, marker or headstone for each grave will be allowed except where noted above.
    6. Any trees, plants or flowers growing on the lot shall not be removed or trimmed without the permission of cemetery staff.
    7. Every installer of a monument, marker or headstone shall contact the sexton prior to commencement of installation and before depositing materials on the cemetery lot where the monument, marker or headstone is to be installed.  Installer shall furnish the city with their name, business address, telephone number, place of installation together with the name, address, and telephone number of the party purchasing or arranging for the installation of the monument, marker or headstone.
    8. No fences or enclosures around lots shall be permitted.
    9. Potted plants will be allowed within a one-foot radius of any monument. The City reserves the right to remove all potted plants, flowers, ornaments or other objects thirty days after Memorial Day.  Owners of lots shall not change the grade of any lot or interfere in any way with the general plan of landscaping of the cemetery.
    10. Authorized employees of the city may enter upon any lot and remove any potted plant, flowers, shrubs, ornaments or other objects which are deemed detrimental to the cemetery or adjoining lots for the purpose of maintaining cemetery grounds or making any improvements deemed to be advantageous to the cemetery grounds.
    11. Lot owners and others are prohibited from placing on lots or graves any toys, cases, boxes, globes, shells, cans, jugs, bottles, bric-a-brac of every description wooden benches, chairs, settees, headboards or wooden articles of any kind without the permission of the sexton.
    12. Floral frames shall not be kept over one week from day of interment, except in babyland.
    13. Small trees, shrubs, roses or other plants set out at the corners of a lot to define its limits shall not be allowed.
    14. No monuments over 36 inches in height will be allowed without prior approval from the cemetery sexton.
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